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Cold spätzle with baby spinach


Cold spätzle with baby spinach

35 minutes

difficulty: 1

portions: 4

25 minutes

difficulty: 1

portions: 4

Ingredients for 4 people:

200g of ready to eat baby spinach by OrtoRomi,
3 eggs,
250g of flour 00,
100ml of water,
100g of colored cherry tomatoes,
2 tablespoons of black olives,
150g of buffalo mozzarella,
1 tablespoon of salted capers,
Extra virgin olive oil,
White vinegar,
Salt and pepper.

Preparation time:

25 minutes

Cooking time:

10 minutes


Grown using the integrated pest management method, OrtoRomi Spinacini are ideal both cooked and raw as a side dish for tasty salads or as a main ingredient for first courses.

Blend the raw baby spinach with the eggs, nutmeg, water and salt to obtain an intense, smooth and fine green cream. Place it in a bowl and gradually incorporate the flour, adjusting the consistency which should be rather soft, but not too liquid. Let it sit for a few minutes. Meanwhile, cut the cherry tomatoes in half, dice the buffalo mozzarella and desalt the capers. Place the special tool on the pot and pour in 2 tablespoons of dough, sliding it back and forth until the mixture is used up. When the spätzle have surfaced, drain and let them cool. Transfer them to a bowl with the cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, olives, capers and baby spinach. Season and serve.

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