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Not only salads, but also ready-to-taste solutions from controlled and high quality raw material.

Production chain - Processing

Raw material

High quality raw material

Our fresh slow juices and ready-made meals raw materials are carefully selected and controlled throughout all process stages, from cultivation to harvesting, right up to production.

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product processing

The manufacturing process

Fruits and vegetables, at their optimum sugar level and ripeness, are cold pressed and cold treated with the HPP method.

The HPP method is a high pressure pasteurization process without thermal alterations that allows the raw material organoleptic qualities to be kept unaltered. The result is a pure extract of fruit and vegetables, 100% natural, without the addition of water, sugar, dyes and preservatives and microbiologically stable.

A great innovation in the panorama of fruit and vegetables slow juices, with the sensorial added value of the product freshness, as if they were extracted at the moment.

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The combinations

The choice of combinations

OrtoRomi has an internal Research and Development office for the conception of new products. The recipes are a OrtoRomi exclusive and before putting them on the market we do many internal and external audits. We are also very attentive to the nutritional value of our products in order to always offer balanced and nutritious solutions for the psychophysical well-being of our consumers.

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Product distribution

Product distribution

Our produce is fresh and we do not use preservatives. For this reason, it is important to respect the cold chain by always keeping our products refrigerated (below + 8 ° C). In the case of fruits and vegetables slow juices, it's possible to keep them out of the fridge for up to 4 hours. Our products can be found in the refrigerated counter of the best supermarkets' fruit and vegetable department.

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OrtoRomi’s school project
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Production process
Thanks to traceability, it is possible to trace and identify any aspect and passage linked to a single product to guarantee its recognition...