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Published 2 years Ago

OrtoRomi presents ready to eat P.G.I. Rocket salad

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OrtoRomi launches the P.G.I. Rocket salad of the Piana del Sele certified and guaranteed, coming from a short, controlled and sustainable supply chain. The P.G.I. Rucola della Piana del Sele is a high quality product, already washed and ready for consumption.

o be able to boast the P.G.I. mark, OrtoRomi Rocket salad is produced following and fully respecting the regulations of the newborn Consortium for the Protection of the P.G.I.Rocket salad of the Piana del Sele. Its quality is controlled and guaranteed: it is in fact cultivated by the member farms of OrtoRomi, in the surroundings of Bellizzi (SA), an extremely fertile geographical area, specifically suited to the cultivation of rocket for the particular climatic and soil characteristics, of origin volcanic-alluvial.

To protect consumer health and the environment, OrtoRomi is committed to ensuring that the supply chain is as sustainable as possible: starting from the cultivation of products that follow innovative integrated pest management systems, to the advantage of reducing the use of chemical substances.

The selection of the best seeds, the cultivation in a specific geographical area, the innovative harvesting techniques in compliance with the regulations, guarantee the organoleptic qualities of the P.G.I. Rocket salad Piana del Sele  the freshness and crunchiness of its leaves, as well as its connotating spicy aroma and spicy, particularly intense and unmistakable flavor.

Some culinary advice: rocket salad can be eaten raw as a side dish, as an ingredient for tasty mixed salads, used to create an original pesto for pasta, rice or other cereals or to create tasty accompanying sauces for meat, fish and cheeses. Equipped with beneficial properties, Rucola della Piana del Sele I.G.P is a suitable product for consumers who are careful to include healthy foods in their daily diet.

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