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Caprese Bowl


Caprese Bowl
An Italian-like recipe with corn salad combinated with the fresh and delicate notes of the red baby salad, while the more acidic hints of cherry tomatoes embellish the sweet aromas of the mozzarella and the bitter ones of the escarole.
Benefits of the product
The tomato owes its typical red color to lycopene, a carotenoid with a powerful antioxidant action. Valerianella B vitamins and mineral salts such as phosphorus and magnesium

Product Specifications

Scarola lettuce (24%), red baby salad (19,5%), corn salad (16,5%), cherry mozzarellas (23%), cherry tomatoes (17%) + dressing kit (extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar of Modena P.G.I., salt, napkin and little fork).

May contain traces of GLUTEN, FISH and products thereof, NUTS and derivatives and EGGS. 

Single portion

Single portion enriched salad with dressing kit included, ideal to enjoy wherever you are

To be stored in the refrigerator

Please store this product in the refrigerator, in order to respect the cold chain

100% recyclable packaging

From plastic, as from glass and paper, it is possible to give life to a new object, if given in the appropriate bins. Learn to differentiate and change our lifestyle, giving new life to waste

Fresh cut salad

Ready to eat fresh cut salad

Integrated crop management

OrtoRomi products are grown with Integrated Crop Management system that permit to cut down the use of chemical substances and to preserve the health of the consumer and the environment

(Average values per 100g)


262 kJ / 63 kcal


3,9 g of which saturated 2,9 g


<0,5 g of which sugar <0,5 g


3,5 g


4,8 g


0,17 g

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