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Avocado slow juices is ideal after your daily workout, try it mixed with apple, spinach and pear.
Benefits of the product
Avocado is rich in vitamins C, E, B3, B2 and B1. It is also a source of potassium, phosphorus, calcium, iron and sodium.

Product Specifications

Apple 47%, pear 25%, avocado 20%, baby spinach 8%

Fresh fruit and vegetables

Cold pressed fruit and vegetables. Without any water, sugar, colorants nor preservatives

Up to 4h out of the refrigerator

Please store this product in the refrigerator, in order to respect the cold chain (may stay up to 4hrs outside the fridge)

HPP processed

Intact organoleptic qualities and nutritional properties, thanks to High Pressure Processing (HPP)

100% recyclable packaging

Why we use plastic instead of glass? Because our slow juices are HPP processed. Glass bottles would not resist the required pressure in order to not activate pathogenic micro-organisms

(Average values per 100g)


312 kJ / 75 kca


3,1 g of which fatty acids 0,8 g


10,1 g of which sugars 9,4 g


1,6 g


0,8 g


0,02 g

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Thanks to our cooperative identity, we oversee the entire production chain, from the farms to the finished product that you can find every day on the shelves of your trusted supermarket. By virtue of this, we are able to guarantee maximum traceability, qualitative excellence and rigorous hygiene and health safety, in full compliance with environmental sustainability.

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